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Thanksgiving Feast and Camping at West Hills

Over this past weekend, the Boy Scouts of Sea Cliff’s Troop 43 celebrated Thanksgiving with their inaugural Thanksgiving Feast.  One of their main courses were cooking two “trash can turkeys”.  Scouts used two new metal garbage cans and turned them into makeshift outdoor charcoal ovens.  After an hour and a half, both turkeys came out golden brown and delicious.  Other scouts each made their own meals to be shared among the troop and their families. After the meals were finished and everything was cleaned up scouts participated in a football game.


Later on in the evening, some of the younger scouts participated in a pie eating contest. There were two winners, Jackson Brachner and Henry Madden. The prize for winning the pie eating contest was the luxury of wearing their class B uniforms to the next scout meeting.  After that the winner of the cooking contest was announced. Each patrol was judged on how well their meal was, the ingredients in the meal (fruits, vegetables, etc.) and how well their patrol cleaned up. The winner was the Charlie patrol led by Robby Roper and Paul Schmalzried, who not only made an amazing steak for their patrol but also cooked the turkeys. The prize for the cooking contest was a $30 gift card to Villa Meci for all the scouts in Charlie patrol. 


Robby R.

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