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Klondike Derby

On January 25th Sea Cliff Troop 43 participated in the Shelter Rock District Annual Klondike Derby in Muttontown, NY. 


We pulled sleds and accomplished different outdoor events.  One particular event was the Sling shot activity, where we had to shoot 5 targets using 15 dog treats as our ammunition.  It was a lot of fun!  We had 3 sleds competing against all the other troops who were participating.


It was a sunny winter day and we had to dress in layers.  By the middle of the day we were pretty warm!   We took off some layers to cool down.  We broke for lunch and enjoyed chicken tacos.  A few boys from another troop, who met at Onteora, shared hot dogs with us! It was good to see them.


By the end of the day Troop 43 racked up over 400 points for completing events.  We worked together in teams and learned things like how to start a fire with flint and steel.  It was an exhausting and exciting day. We will work on our skills and can’t wait to compete again next year!


Thomas P.

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