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Adirondack Whitewater Rafting Trip - Hudson River Gorge

Over this past weekend, Sea Cliff’s own Troop 43 experienced whitewater rafting on the famous Hudson River Gorge in the Adirondacks.


They left on a Friday morning and drove four hours to their lakeside campsite, which was located right on scenic Lake Minerva.  The next day the scouts were on the Hudson River tackling Class III and IV rapids with such names like Alarm Clock, The Narrows and Big Nasty, for a whitewater adventure totaling 17 miles.  The weather, topping out at 85 degrees, was better than anyone could have asked for and perfect for getting soaked!  Aside from the whitewater rafting, the weekend was filled with fishing, kayaking, hiking, and swimming.  


On their final day the scouts visited an attraction called Natural Stones Bridges and Caves and explored natural-made caves, streams, and much more.  Overall this trip was a fantastic adventure that will, without a doubt, be done again by the scouts of Troop 43!  


Will C.  


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