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Backpacking Slide Mountain

On October 17-18, five scouts and three adults from Boy Scout Troop 43 in Sea Cliff backpacked up Slide Mountain, the Catskills highest peak with an elevation of 4,190 feet.  The more than six mile journey in the Catskills left the group with pride, experience, and a craving for non-dehydrated food. 


Throughout the trip the group encountered treacherous terrain, flurries of snow, as well beautiful fall colors and scenic vistas.  The sub-freezing temperature was barely noticeable, as the eight backpackers were almost overheating from the hike. 


After establishing a campsite and pitching their tents, the campers were kept warm by a fire, ate their dehydrated dinners, and called it a night.  Unfortunately for the wildlife, a well hung bear bag allowed the scouts to prepare their breakfast the next morning without any issues before breaking camp, backpacking down the mountain, and heading home.


By Derrick K.

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