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Shelter Rock District Camporee: "Zombie Apocalypse" 

Boy Scout Troop 43, of Sea Cliff embarked on a voyage to Alpine Scout
Reservation, in Alpine NJ, for a District wide Camporee, “The Zombie


The Scouts with tents, tarps and backpacks hunched over them
arrived at the campsite, they quickly set up their tents and campsite
before night and the rain set in. The Scouts awoke early to prepare for
the day ahead. Some were wet, some were dry, but everyone had a good
night's sleep. It was a chilly morning and water was still dripping
from the trees, the Scouts made a nice hot breakfast. When breakfast
was over the troop made their way to the parade field for opening
ceremonies where the events of the day were announced to the scouts.
The first of the events included a quick preparation course for the
later expected arrival of a zombie hoard. When the prep course was
over the Scouts returned to the campsite and prepared the next meal of
the day, lunch. Everyone was satisfied and prepared for the hoard off
zombies with full bellies.


The troop split into three separate patrols
and acted as three separate teams. Each team was required to set up
zombie fortifications, become well versed in life-threatening first aid,
locate different safe points using their map and compass, purify water
for safe drinking, build a fire to thwart off the zombies and signal
each other using flags and radio. Each task was completed quickly,
efficiently and in the end each team had collected six parts for “The


The Scouts returned to the campsite to prepare their dinner and
“The Cure”, which was to be served to an infected leader. Night set in
and the Scouts made their way to the Pavilion where our very own Senior
Patrol Leader was the MC at the camporee-wide campfire. Each patrol was
to have a skit prepared to entertain the troops. All the skits were
fantastic. The night ended with a flag burning ceremony where Troop
43's own Bugler, bugled “TAPS” for all in attendance. Each scout
returned to their tent to a rain free night.


When the Scouts awoke, a delicious bacon and eggs breakfast was prepared for all. There were
some zombie games played at the parade field just before the closing
ceremonies. Another successful outdoor trip was had thanks to the
leadership of our Troop 43 Scouters.  

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