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Ward Pound Ridge Backpacking and Camping

On November 15th, the Scouts of Troop 43 went to Ward Pound Ridge reservation to spend a weekend in the woods. They traveled for 1 mile with heavy backpacks to the campsite, where they set up their tents and ate their lunch.


Once the Scouts got settled, they took a 7 mile hike from the campsite to see the Leatherman’s Cave. The cave was one of the many dwellings of the mysterious Leatherman, a hermit who traveled on a loop of 365 miles, bringing him through New York and Connecticut and took him about 34 days to complete. He often went to farm kitchens for a free meal. He wore a homemade leather jacket, hence his name, “The Leatherman”.


After the hike, the Scouts enjoyed a warm dinner and a nice campfire, keeping away from the frigid 27 degrees. They told jokes and played games.


After they got up from a long sleep, they had warm breakfast, they packed up their tents and their packs and backpacked out to leave for home.


Keegan B.

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